Sweet Little Angel - Lyrics

Sweet Little Angel

Sweet little angel
Come take my hand
And I will guide you
As best as I can
And I will show you 
How to make castles out of sand

My sweet little angel
Now don’t be scared
Your mother and I we will 
Always be there
And we assure you 
That there is nothing we can’t share
Even if life isn’t always fair

Oh my sweet little darling
You are so brave
I just want you to know girl, that
This life is great
In spite of everything
‘cause there’s so much you have been through
But now everything’s okay

Oh my sweet little angel, I’m 
So proud of you, and I
Hope you will be happy in this world
And you can be sure 
That you can be anything you want
If you just believe in yourself

Oh my sweet little darling
You’re growing so fast
I’ll promise you that we will make 
This life a blast
Always remember that
My love for you will ever last

(voor Sara)

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